WISP Networks Made Easy

Industry-leading network management and monitoring without any new equipment.

Leading WISP Network Automation

Auto MPLS Traffic Engineering

Split customer traffic evenly across unequal backhauls, automatically rebalancing as capacity changes - or easily set manual paths for specific subnets. Not running MPLS? Router config takes seconds to enable if you already have OSPF.

Active Queue Management

Our proprietary Package-Fair Oversubscription (PFO) queueing ensures VoIP, gaming and other latency-sensitive applications work flawlessly when backhauls or upstream gateways are overloaded. Works with Preseem and built-in Mikrotik queues.

Fast DDoS Protection

Using NetFlow built into your core router, Swift Fox will monitor for DDoS attacks and instantly insert BGP Blackhole routes to mitigate them, notifying your on-call tech.

Carrier-Grade NAT

Automatically assign your customers on private IPs to fixed port ranges from a pool of public IPs. If a DDoS is detected on a public IP it immediately changes customers to a new one.

Provisioning and Shaping

Auto-detects new customer radios and IPs and shapes customers to their assigned packages. Tracks customer bandwidth usage. Works with WISP radios, FTTH, and direct ethernet MDU deployments.

Captive Disconnect with Portal

Automatically disconnect customers for nonpayment but allow them access to a web portal to pay online and automatically reconnect. Works with Swift Fox billing or third party APIs such as Sonar or VISP

The Pinglog is your Secret Weapon

At a glance, see every customer on an access point, and their performance over the past day, week, month or even year. Know instantly whether a channel change has fixed the issue, or when you need to upgrade equipment for capacity. Discover network issues before your customers do!

Real-Time Network Monitoring

Realtime TCP Latency Analysis

Monitor not only your infrastructure and customer CPEs but see beyond the customer router NAT with latency for individual traffic flows to help identify issues before your customers do.

Ping Monitoring and Paging

Ping every customer radio every minute of the day, storing the history going back forever. Robust paging schedule features set varying time-of-day based thresholds and on-call rotations

Backhaul Capacity Measurement

Reported capacity is obtained from every major model of wireless equipment and graphed against usage. For even greater accuracy, single-stream TCP speedtests can be automatically performed on all backhauls between compatible Mikrotik routers

Dynamic Route Visualization

The default gateway path is updated realtime on the network map with arrows between sites. Downstream routes for individual subnets can be easily visualized

Intuitive Frequency Planner

Current frequencies are monitored from all major models of wireless equipment and displayed on a chart to help avoid conflicts. Both full and half duplex radios are supported.

Customer LOS Path Plots

Enter the customer's address and immediately discover which towers would best provide service based on topography and line of sight.

Effortless Automated Billing

Credit Card Processing

Automatically charge customer credit cards or direct debit each month using one of a number of supported merchant providers.

Email Statements

Emails a statement or invoice to each customer each month based on a template that can be customzed with your own colours and logo.

Self-Service Web Portal

Customers can log in to view their usage, past bills, and current amount owing, even while they are disconnected. Paying online will immediately reconnect them.

Comprehensive Reports

Our GAAP and IFRS compliant billing system contains many reports to ease reconciliation with your accounting software.

Usage Based Billing

Charge customers for bandwidth usage in excess of data caps, and offer top-up plans for additional bandwidth

API Integrations

Integrations such as TowerCoverage.com allow customers to sign up online and have their account created automatically

Integrated Call Centre

Fully Hosted PBX

Pick a toll-free number or use your own, record your greetings and set up queues to be answered by your phone agents. Works with any SIP softphone app, no additional fees for minutes.

Record All Client Calls

Every call that goes in or out is recorded and saved on the customer account for easy playback later. Agents can summarize resolutions and categorize calls

Email and Live Chat

Through our integration with HelpScout, email support and live chat transcripts can also be saved on customer accounts. Helpscout fees are not included.

Schedule Field Crews

Assign installs and service calls to specific field crews, syncing with external calendar apps. Automatically notify customers of upcoming appointments

Ticketing System

Assign tickets for customer accounts to your staff, including post-dated tickets to remind of future actions

Management Reports

Comprehensive reporting to help understand call volume and better schedule shifts for call centre agents

Swift Fox Options

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Network Management

Ping monitoring and paging

Realtime TCP latency analysis

Backhaul capacity measurement

Customer LOS path plots

Provisioning and shaping *

Customer captive disconnect *

MPLS Traffic Engineering *

DDoS Protection and CGNAT *

Network and Billing

All network features included

Automatic credit card processing

Email statements to customers

Customer self-service portal

GAAP/IFRS compliant billing

Auto disconnect for nonpayment *

Auto reconnect for payment *

Bandwidth overage billing *

Network, Billing & Call Centre

All network features included

All billing features included

Your own toll-free support number

Hosted PBX including phone minutes

Record all client phone calls

Track emails with HelpScout

Customer live chat using HelpScout

Schedule and track appointments

No contract, no up-front fees

Sign up today to get 2 hours of free onboarding assitance from a qualified Swift Fox network engineer. If you use a virtual machine or cloud pingbox, there are no up-front fees to get started.

The Swift Fox Pingbox

Swift Fox works by hosting a device called the "pingbox" somewhere on your network, preferably near the edge close to your upstream provider. This device establishes a secure encrypted tunnel back to the Swift Fox cloud servers, which is used to gather network information and perform automated network tasks. Your client traffic never flows through this device, so it does not become a single point of failure.

* To perform the functions listed with a red asterisk, a Mikrotik router is required at the upstream edge of the network. Swift Fox inserts queue rules, firewall IP list entries, and gathers IP Accounting data from this router.

There are four options for the pingbox:

Virtual Machine
1 to 10,000+ subscribers

Host your own pingbox server by downloading an OVA virtual machine image for use with VirtualBox or any other VM software.

Cloud Pingbox
Unlimited subscribers

Add a tunnel to your router and monitor without a local pingbox. As ping traffic will cross your gateway, expect about 0.5 mbit per 100 customers in each direction.

Embedded Pingbox
< 100 subscribers

A small durable and fanless embedded ARM pingbox, low power and the size of a deck of cards

Server Pingbox
< 5,000 subscribers

A compact fanless quad-core x64-based pingbox powerful enough to monitor thousands of devices

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About Us

Our History

Our engineers launched our own WISP in Alberta in 2002, learning from longtime wireless experts that deployed some of the first ever broadband links in western Canada. The WISP business quickly grew, and as part of our growth we developed custom software tools to manage and monitor our network.

This suite of tools grew until other ISPs started to ask if they could get a copy, and Swift Fox was formed. After hiring a team of developers and starting fresh from the ground up, a scalable and efficient system was built for ISPs everywhere to easily and effectively manage their operations

After selling our ISP operations in 2013, we now focus full-time on helping WISPs all over the world grow and master their businesses.

Our Mission

At its heart, our mission is simple - we want customers to have the fastest and most reliable Internet, and the friendliest customer service that is possible. These values are deeply embedded into the core of how Swift Fox approaches WISP management.

Tools such as real-time network monitoring that is client-centric, and alerts the ISP when any clients are below a standard quality - allow an ISP to contact clients pre-emptively for service calls and fix issues before they call in. Flexible on-call and network paging means that ISPs can easily stay on top of infrastructure problems. Our industry-leading integrated call centre system means that every customer call can get personalized attention and a quick and friendly resolution.

We recognize that independent WISPs are aiming to be better than the 'big guys', and to deliver service that bucks the trend of big telcos with awful reputations. Our mission is to make this as easy as possible.